Sitebuilder – Your Great Source of Inspiration

Sitebuilder - Your Great Source of Inspiration 1

Today, website development and sitebuilder is a very popular and demanded direction in the IT industry. Everyone who at least indirectly encountered this activity found certain difficulties for himself at the initial stage: difficulty in programming, logical construction, lack of resources and certain technical skills.

It all starts with the fact that you choose your personal domain. Then you can choose a template and start building your website. There are thousands of attractive pre-made templates to choose from.

The first sites for general use were written back in 1991-1992, in HTML. After 5-6 years were created certain layout software, however, this has not received universal acceptance. The reason was too large and overloaded code. One of the first sitebuilders that didn’t require the developer of knowledge of special programming languages ​​was the Geocities project. Its origin is considered to be 1994, according to the source. This project was sold to Yahoo, but in 2009 due to technical obsolescence, the project was closed. At that time, the market for website builders had overcame 70 different projects!

The main idea for Sitebuilder is to use the system and create sites without any practical programming languages. Sitebuilder contains a very large number of templates and is stored in a specific database. You do not need to know how it all works and how it is contained.

Functional Features of Sitebuilder

Sitebuilder - Your Great Source of Inspiration 2

Sitebuilder allows you to create a fully functional website with an online builder: you simply choose a ready-made template and work with it. Update page texts, add new articles, images or any multimedia content – video or audio. You can also customize the mobile version of the site. Modern online website builders follow the basic principles of a content management system and strictly delineate content and design concept. Modern websites based on online builders are well indexed in search engines. You can easily change the design or templates of your site without any help.

Below I’d like to present the main features of the advantages of this service and why it is so popular:

  • A large number of options in free versions;
  • Creative and limitless templates for designing stylish and unique pages for your website;
  • The ability to create sites with one page, and multi-page sites, blogs, portfolio pages, online stores;
  • A wide selection of design solutions and types for absolutely any site.

To summarize, we can highlight the following: Sitebuilder is software that allows you to create a website on the Internet. The software will reside on a web server at the hosting company or be part of a SaaS (software as a service) platform.

Review of Benefits and Disadvantages of Sitebuilder

Sitebuilder - Your Great Source of Inspiration 3

In addition to functional features, I’d like to expand on the topic of pros and cons. Choosing this tool, you need to be prepared for the fact that there are good sides and not the most pleasant moments in work. Need explore in detail the elements and possibilities for your optimal work with Sitebuilder. Below I will list some of the advantages that make this tool useful, interesting and multifunctional.

Benefits of using Sitebuilder

  • Easy to work with. SiteBuilder is fairly easy to use and provides you with very useful features. No need to have specific knowledge in programming and website development. To manage it as easy as Content Management Systems (CMS) – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
  • Affordable price. Usually website builders are cheaper than hosting or virtual server services, and you don’t have to pay to develop a website because everything is at your fingertips!
  • Endless possibilities. SiteBuilder offers you several SEO customization options and many others useful for the functionality of your site. This tool is constantly being improved and updated.
  • Traffic stability. Spikes in traffic will no longer crash your site; If you are hosting the site yourself, it is very important to remember that a significant increase in traffic can lead to site disruptions. This will not happen if you use any of the constructors. They easily handle the huge amount of traffic. To do this, you need to take into account that you need a correspondingly different tariff.
  • Free Domain name. Along with that, as you purchase the Sitebuilder service, you will receive your own domain name for free.
  • Analytical approach and visitor tracking. Is an important part of marketing. A quality website tool will allow you to add Google Analytics or Yandex metrics code to your website. Do not use programs that lack this parameter. Google Analytics is free and should be used by every website owner.

Disadvantages of using Sitebuilder

  • Limited opportunities. This system has certain sets of layouts and page templates, which may not always suit you and be adapted specifically for your activity.
  • Installation of server programs. Programmers, as a rule, are not suitable for this type of activity, because third-party PHP, JavaScript and SQL are prohibited in website builders.
  • Big projects. The system will not be able to cope with sites that have a complex structure.

Advanced Benefits of Sitebuilder

With the development of the service and the demand for SiteBuilder, the functionality became richer, and the possibilities, respectively, wider. Different resources compete with each other in wiggle room and assortment of plugins and extensions for clients. The main idea is to do accessible assembly of a website for people without technical knowledge of layout, design, administration of databases and web resources.

As discussed earlier, website builders are reaching new levels and evolving very quickly. This leads to the fact that their functionality is significantly expanded and reaches new levels. In particular, an example will be given that modern constructors sites today resemble visual mini CMS. They are due to the fact that it is possible to edit the design and text separately. This leads to the fact that some part of the layout may lose “balance” if the client wants to make any changes on the main page, change the slogan or logo or make some additional changes with the pictures.

One of the main advantages of this platform is that at the start, the costs will be several times lower compared to hiring a development team.

To get started, all you need to do is create an engaging, informative company website. Initially certain resources, developers and a team of professionals are needed to develop the site. For small businesses, SiteBuilder can be the main source of inspiration or open a second wind, give a chance to grow your business.

Sitebuilder as a Solution For Your Blog

Since blogging has ceased to be limited to sharing text notes and photos, the question of finding a convenient platform for their resource has become relevant for bloggers. There is a need for a system that has two mutually exclusive parameters: it must be simple and functional at the same time.

If you’re getting started building your personal blog, there are usually two solutions at the outset: using a popular platform with a formed audience and rules, or launching your own website. The second option gives more freedom and opportunities, but at the same time brings additional problems. However, the development of website builders has made it very easy to create your own. Modern Sitebuilder offers bloggers a lot of useful things, namely:

  1. Convenient visual editors who can customize the look of the site and add new content
  2. Attractive templates that are perfectly adapted to both full and mobile versions of sites
  3. Integration with third-party services to add commenting systems and other useful applications

Website builders have implemented and improved one very important and valuable thing – now it allows a huge number of people who do not develop professionally to launch their own projects. This is especially noticeable in the example of blogs: if earlier users had to put up with the rules of popular platforms, but now everything has changed. You can create a blog and set your own rules of conduct on it. Good blogs grow into full-fledged media, so it’s important to use tools that provide an opportunity to expand functionality.

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