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With a free SLL certificate you can ensure ultimate security of your website and users’ personal data and add trust to your project. It is a must for online businesses and e-commerce websites.

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SSL certificate: How It Works


Let’s Encrypt

Let's Encrypt is the first SSL certificate provider that generates a free SSL certificate for website on their ACME server with the help of domain validation.


Your private keys are created in your browser and obtained through proxy

In order to provide free SSL certificate, Let’s Encrypt generates a private key in user’s browsers with the help of Web Cryptography API (it’s never disclosed). When the certificate is generated, the private key is erased from your browser. If your browser doesn’t work with Web Cryptography API for free HTTPS, they keys will be generated on a server with the help of the latest version of OpenSSL, obtained via free SSL proxy and never stored. To ensure total security, you should use the browser that offers client generation. Besides, you can use your own CSR for manual verification – the private key will be stored on your end.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are wildcard certificates supported?

Although wildcard certificates aren’t supported, free SSL hosting allows you to add up to 100 domains or subdomains for one certificate. You just need to enter all of them and separate by a space (


Can I use my own CSR?

Yes, just choose one of the manual verification methods for free SSL and there will be an input at the bottom before the generate certificate button to provide your own CSR.

Can I get an SSL Certificate for WordPress?

Free SSL certificates can be provided for any website, including projects creates on CMS (WordPress, Joomla, etc).


  • Let's Encrypt - For their free ACME client and trusted root certificate cross signed by Iden Trust.