Top 5 Great SEO Tips to Optimize Your Business

Top 5 Great SEO Tips to Optimize Your Business 1

Search engine optimization (SEO) is primarily a very powerful advertising tool for internet marketing. When used correctly, it can boost your site’s ranking in the search engines Google, Yahoo, BING and others. It will also allow you to build awareness of your brand and build a popular business.

It is very important in today’s world to stick to the prescribed standards of marketing strategies and invest in SEO. Each website must meet certain requirements that are set by search engines such as Google.

Each website must also be ready at any time for changes, and sometimes for global changes and updates when creating content. If you, as the owner of your business website, are always ready for such changes, your clients will find you quite easily.

Last year’s research: SEO updates

In 2019, a global survey was conducted on the state of SEO. The survey found that about 97% of all marketers around the world agree that SEO is very important to their overall marketing strategy.

One of the challenges that marketers have faced is proving the value of SEO. Here are the three core values ​​that marketers have used to optimize SEO over the past few years.

Rivalry analysis

It is very important to monitor the competition in the market. It is important to understand the risks, opportunities and possible challenges that will have to be faced.

Every person who develops his business wants and should strive to protect his brand, to become unique and the most popular. This is simply impossible without competition analysis! Don’t let other companies beat you and get better.

User experience

User experience refers to the impressions and emotions obtained as a result of using or testing a particular product. Based on this, certain conclusions and decisions regarding this product are built.

User Experience (UX) – it means taking into account the site and page speed. Google has focused its efforts around site speed with the new Chrome “slow warning icons” and speed reports. This will open up a dialogue with developers and, in some cases, lead to systems requiring revision of page templates to improve resource loading.

The purpose of search engines is to provide users with the best results for their search queries. And often the best result is just how competently the answer to this or that question is about the user experience.

You can also add that search engines use custom signals to find out exactly how visitors are responding to your site. One of the important user factors is the time spent on a site page and how often visitors return to the site.

Media content as a the key to standout

Creating or updating your content is a very important key in improving search performance. An interesting fact is that 54% of marketers worldwide are unable to access multimedia products (such as video and audio) for their brand. This is very necessary as we enter the digital age.

Visual effects like videos or thematic images can always increase the engagement of your social content.

Also. Using a software module like a plugin on your CMS site can also greatly improve your SEO. Plugins are used to expand and / or take advantage of new features that can attract customers and interest the content on your site.

1. URL should be as short as possible

There is a tendency that shorter URLs tend to rank better than long URLs. In terms of SEO URL optimization, it is advisable to keep the URL as short as possible. This can immediately affect several factors, which will be described below:

  • On the search bar, the user will give preference to those URLs that are composed of shorter ones, since it best matches his request and search desires.
  • More than 11 million Google search results were surveyed. In this study, very little correlation was found between URL length and rank. In particular, short URLs have a slight ranking advantage over longer URLs.

Great advice! If you change your url you need to make sure you add a 301-redirect to your old url. This will help keep your traffic from getting lost and your visitors won’t encounter a 404 page error when visiting the old URL.

2. Switch to SSL Certificate

Top 5 Great SEO Tips to Optimize Your Business 2

For the 6th year in a row, having an SSL certificate has been helping Google rank better and better. There is a big advantage between those sites that have an SSL certificate in them. Google gives them more credibility, which has a positive effect on SEO dynamics.

  • Google perceives sites as http: // and httpS: // as different. Therefore, after purchasing an SSL certificate, you need to add the site again to Google Webmaster Tools
  • It is also recommended to use a 2048-bit encryption key – from a security point of view, this length is optimal
  • It is also recommended to use 301 redirection. Using 302 redirection is an error in this case, because saves traffic for the current page rather than redirecting it.

3. Website optimization for mobile devices

Today we can witness that the mobile device market is experiencing a huge surge. Thus, a large percentage of people who use more mobile devices, tablets than desktop computers. This means that most of the traffic comes from mobile devices.

This factor shows that a modern website should be optimized for mobile devices. It’s no coincidence that Google reminds authorized webmasters that their sites are not optimized for mobile devices. To get high positions, you need to take into account how users browse the site. Sites that are inconvenient to browse will rank lower. Correct optimization of a mobile device consists of several factors as following:

  • Fast loading. Nearly half of mobile users leave a site if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Minimize the time your content appears on screen so that you can easily navigate from one section to another

  • Convenient navigation. The small screen size can make it difficult to find the information you need. If the page needs to be scrolled or scaled all the time, most likely, users will not stay on it. To make finding information convenient, simplify menus and make sure content is fully visible and text can be read without zooming in

  • Ease of action. Site users prefer to be able to easily perform an action on the site, such as finding a product or making a purchase. Reduce

4. Accounting for technical errors

It is very important to be aware of technical errors on your site. This is a common mistake – the presence of inactivity when technical problems are detected when loading the site pages. If your site is down for a long time, then it prevents your site from ranking. It also creates inconvenience to the user, who can write a negative review and cease to be interested in your products.

Not every interested user will wait more than 5 seconds for a website to load. Closing a site a few seconds after clicking on it degrades the bounce rate, which is important in the ranking formula. This also includes the execution of all sorts of scenarios – they load computer resources, slow down

5. Working with Social Media

The fact that the audience on social media is very huge and diverse is not new to anyone. People visit social media in order to communicate, share experiences, share projects and much more. A huge benefit of social media is the ability to share promotions, discounts or special offers so that people can find out about your company or project through a particular promotion.

Social media play an important role in ranking and sustainable traffic. For example, Google is targeting social media popularity metrics. Often focusing on Twitter news feeds. People express their interest and actively read news on social media.


In conclusion, I would like to summarize: Each of these tips is very important in ranking and optimizing SEO for your website and business. There are also many factors for this, and each is unique. And only in the aggregate they are a modern general indicator in optimizing your business. This in turn makes you a demanded, competitive and interesting product in modern realities!