Turbo-charge Your Website Speed With New INXY CDN

INXY Ltd proudly announces launching of its proprietary CDN (content delivery network) service! Now you have a chance to speed up your project and bring delivery to a completely new level! 48 PoPs located in Europe, USA and other regions will ensure strikingly fact content transfer to your target audience, no matter what your project is dedicated to.

Advantages of INXY CDN

Partnering with prominent CDN companies, INXY team has managed to unite the benefits of advanced providers and years of experience to create reliable, fast and – which is important – affordable service. Why choosing our network?

  1. Ultimate 100% uptime. Even if several network servers fail, your mission-critical information will be preserved. Make your website failure-proof!
  2. No contracts. You can either order fixed packages, or prefer pay-as-you-go system: we charge for as much resources as you use.
  3. Easy scalability. Facing our clients’ needs we’re always ready to switch the solutions and provide as much resources as required.
  4. 24/7 technical support. INXY team always keeps tabs on IT security and makes sure your website’s static content is permanently available. Have some questions? We’re ready to answer them within several minutes.
  5. Perfect coverage. With 48 PoPs at your disposal, you can easily reach the target audience and speed up website pages even in the most distant countries.
  6. Intuitive interface makes INXY CDN management and implementation a piece of cake, even if you’re not a tech-savvy user.
  7. Perfect security. Firewall and DDoS protection will repel hackers and keep your information safe and sound.

Content management and acceleration has never been so easy, efficient and cheap!

Check Out Our Unbeatable Offers

What makes INXY CDN superb is budget-friendly pricing policy. You’ll definitely love it! With package prices starting from as low as $10 per month, even small businesses and start-ups can afford exceptional power and speed of content delivery networks. Save money with one of the following solutions:

  • $10/month package with 1 500 GB of traffic ($0.0067 per 1 GB) and overboost price $0.0090 per 1 GB.
  • Pay-as-you-go network with overboost price $0.0080 per 1 GB.
  • FREE package: 50 GB of traffic, and overboost price $0.0100 per 1 GB.

INXY CDN is the best example of optimal price/quality ratio! Be among the first to reap benefits of smart website acceleration. Find your solution on https://hostry.com/products/cdn/, or contact our team to get recommendations.