Dedicated server vs VPS: Disclosing important differences.

Selecting the best web hosting provider for your project is crucial, because without a decent host, your website will not work properly. Recently, cloud computing has caused a real sensation in the world of Internet. Any company, starting from small business to a giant enterprise, strives to cut costs because of pressure and competition on the market. This is why a VPS (virtual private server) is gaining so much popularity in the net – it’s a highly cost-effective solution.

When choosing the best web host, you can face several options in the Net. Dedicated server is another efficient option for hosting that’s been superior before appearance of VPS. Let’s find out what are the main differences between a virtual private server and a dedicated server to figure out the best one according to your needs and demands.

Meet virtual private servers, or VPS

To comprehend the concept of VPS, imagine a computer accessed by many different used in different ways. VPS works the same way and yet performs as efficiently as a dedicated server. It’s a server that is located in a shared environment, but its users can have root access and full control over their parts of server. It means that if you have a VPS, you can freely run custom applications and specific software to satisfy the needs of your business. It is a great option for small scale businesses that need to optimize IT infrastructure without dramatic expenses.

Typically, VPS cost ranges from $10 to $150 per month, and it offers use one hosting environment that can be easily customized and scales. Key advantages of VPS are:

  • stunning performance of a website;
  • higher speed of page loading.

Therefore, it’s a brilliant option for those who need root access to server and a decent amount of resources without spending much money as for a dedicated server.

What is a dedicated server?

What makes it different from a virtual private server is that a dedicated server belongs to one person only, and it’s designed for professional use. If you order a dedicated server, you’ll be its only owner with the right for all its resources. You can easily customize the environment according to your preferences and requirements. A dedicated server is perfect for website owners who have several millions visitors per month and need decent technical support to maintain it.

Your requirements can be special, and before opting for some certain web hosting solution, you need to state them clearly. Choose a hosting solution accordingly. Here are some basic differences between these two solutions so that you could decide.

  1. Users typically order a VPS because of its cost-effectiveness. With a dedicated server, you will need to spend more for its management and maintenance. These servers are often kept in data-centers with collocation facilities. A dedicated server can provide you with HVAC systems and a huge amount of resources. Sometimes you can get support from your provider (this is called “managed dedicated server”. If you’re technically skilled, you can opt for unmanaged dedicated server.
  2. With a VPS server, you don’t have to pay anything extra. Of course, there’s more likely to be a monthly basis payment, but you can easily scale and adjust solution together with its price. A dedicated server is hard to be scaled up and down – you just get the entire machine at your disposal.

Before choosing the type of server, estimate your business goals, future strategies and current requirements.