How To Protect Your Web Site with SSL Certificate

How To Protect Your Web Site with SSL Certificate 1

What Is The SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate is a special protocol that guarantees security and secure connection to your site. This protocol guarantees you secure and secure communication over the following elements: Authentication and encryption. The fact that the site has a secure connection is indicated by the suffix “S” – that is, the protocol will already be called httpS.

If you own a website that operates and processes information linked with electronic money, stock exchanges, and online stores, then you need to secure this information, since secret data is transmitted. With the secure httpS connection, you can secure yourself as well as users who also want to receive confidential information protection.

SSL Certificate “Let’s Encrypt”

How To Protect Your Web Site with SSL Certificate 2

“Let’s Encrypt” is a certification authority from which you can get a free SSL certificate for the site. They are great for small sites where users can leave some personal information: email, passwords, phone number, address. Certificate Authority Let’s Encrypt is ready to issue you a certificate absolutely FREE! This is very beneficial to you if you own a small website and cannot afford a paid SSL certificate.

We provide for you the Let’s Encrypt free security certificate for 90 days.Install your free Let’s Encrypt now by clicking on the link:

HTTP / 2 Protocol Application

Soon the Internet is waiting for the transition to the new HTTP / 2 protocol. He is the accelerator of the site.

From the history…

How To Protect Your Web Site with SSL Certificate 3

The first version of the HTTP protocol was released in 1991, it was called HTTP/0.9. Later, version HTTP1.0 appeared in 1996, then version HTTP/1.1The HTTP/1.1 protocol dates back to 1999. Since the sites today have experienced a major upgrade (using Javascript scripts, CSS styles, video) over time, this types of protocols has acquired a new problem: several connections are created during data transfer. This is essentially slows down data processing from sites.

Already with the advent of HTTP/2, the download process gained momentum and websites began to work better. Downloads speed with connecting via this protocol increased by 23%. HttpWatch experts a real acceleration of around 30%.

Google indexing sites with HTTPS.

How To Protect Your Web Site with SSL Certificate 4

In August 2014, Google announced that user security is the most important and important priority for companies:

At the same time, they declare that sites that provide reliable connection and data transfer (those that use the https protocol), can count on the added bonus when ranking. The main goal was to encourage webmasters to move to a secure protocol.

In December 2015, Google announces that from now on, the HTTPS version of the page will be indexed by default, if the site is available for indexing by both protocols: http and httpS

Further, on December 27, 2016, Goodle posted on its Google+ news page that sites that do not have connecting via httpS connection, but you need to enter passwords there, or information about bank accounts consider such sites unsafe. It is very important today to those sites where there is some information about passwords, billing information and other confidential information go to a secure connection.

Taking care of your personal data, we recommend that you register an SSL certificate on your website to be surein hacking protection and intruder intrusion and your site will be indexed better than a site without secureconnection.

Installing SSL Certificate

How To Protect Your Web Site with SSL Certificate 5

We are providing the FREE Let’s Encrypt, but it’s also important for us that you can configure and use it yourself. If You are using control panels like Apache, Nginx, cPanel, you can set your personal SSL and be sure that your personal data will be protected. In F.A.Q. Hostry offers you step-by-step instructions on how to install correctly a Security Certificate on Your website

When installing a security certificate on any control panel, when ordering a certificate, you receive the following files:

  • certificate.crt – the basis of the certificate for your domain name.
  • private.key – the key that was generated when creating the CSR
  • ca_bundle.crt – root certificate provided by your certificate authority

Companies that are suppliers of security certificates

How To Protect Your Web Site with SSL Certificate 6

We provide you with a list of best SSL Certificate Sellers

1. GlogalSign – In 1996, GlobalSign co-founded the CA / B Forum and received GlobalSign the first opportunity to implement a large-scale certification technology that allows developers with millions of certificates for devices and web services with great speed and simplicity.

2. COMODO – The Comodo Cybersecurity platform enables customers to protect their systems and data against even military-grade threats, including zero-day attacks. Based in Clifton, New Jersey, Comodo Cybersecurity has a 20-year history of protecting the most sensitive data for both businesses and consumers globally

3.Thawte – was founded in 1995. During their long history of activity, they have gained a leading position in the global market, they have achieved a high level of trust among customers. Today this certificate authority provides services in about 200 countries.

4. GeoTrust – one of the leading suppliers of security certificates. They are great for small companies who want to confirm a secure connection for their customers. Today, certificates from GeoTrust are distributed in 150 countries.

5. Trustwave – is a leading provider of cybersecurity and managed security services that helps companies deal with cybercrime, protect data and reduce security risks. Trustwave offers a full range of security management, security testing, consulting, technology solutions and cybersecurity training.

If you decide to install a free SSL certificate, then below you can find helpful information and guides on how to install the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on different panels and web servers:

If you have any questions, please contact us: Thank you for choosing our company!