Hostry Free DNS hosting

Use Hostry Free DNS with any domains regardless of where you registered them. Hostry Free DNS makes your DNS faster and safer. No limitations on the number of entries or requests.


What is Hostry Free DNS hosting service?

Hostry Free DNS is a FREE enterprise-level quality DNS service, covered by 400% SLA. If you want to boost your website performance or increase DNS availability, using Hostry Free DNS is the right idea. Manage your DNS-traffic by means of user-friendly control panel.

Our goal is to provide free high-quality DNS-service without restrictions. We are constantly upgrading and expanding our infrastructure, in order to achieve industry standard compliance and customer satisfaction.

Benefits and Features


Improved performance

No downtime, better performance (revenue, purchases, ROI, etc), instant DNS propagation


Easy setup

Get the Hostry Free DNS running quickly in just a few minutes. Just click on the DNS create button and make the DNS records you want.



Protected from DDoS attacks. Our DNS servers have no problem dealing with large amounts of DNS requests sent from random IP-addresses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is Hostry Free DNS and why should I use it?

Hostry Free DNS gives you a free-of-charge enterprise-level domain name service that will improve the speed and resiliency of your web resources and assets.


How does Hostry Free DNS work and what services are included?

An assigned nameserver is matched up with any website. When a user decides to connect to a particular website, it must obtain the IP-addresses of all related files by sending the request through a domain-name service, or DNS.


Can I setup Hostry Free DNS as backup?

Yes, you are welcome to use Hostry free domain name service as a backup option. Hostry Free DNS works great as a safeguard for your own DNS servers or your hosting provider’s DNS.

Register and use DNS for free

We offer it free of charge because we’re absolutely certain that once you’ve experienced Hostry’s quality of service, you’ll want to use us as your hosting service provider.