How to integrate CDN with WordPress using W3 Total Cache?

W3 Total Cache is one of the most popular plugins for installing CDN on WordPress based websites.

After installing the plugin you will have Performance section in the Admin menu: proceed to it and choose “CDN”.

Go to “Configuration” and enter CNAME record you have configured for your zone in the field “Replace site’s hostname with”. You may also set it up to always use SSL, or only HTTP in “SSL support” section.

Please, note that you should use the default zone address like “”, if you have selected “Enabled” in “SSL support”, and want to use CDN shared certificate.

After that you need to go to General Settings, click CDN or go to settings. Enable CDN functionality, choose “Generic Mirror” from the drop-down menu and Save settings to leave the configuration.

Now your static files will be served from CDN.