How To Integrate Hostry PageSpeed Booster on My WordPress?

To install the Hostry PageSpeed Booster plugin you need:

  1. Initially, you need to login to
  2. Then go to the list of your orders and select the appropriate wordpress, where you need to add the plugin. If you do not have a wordpress site you can order by the following link:
  3. Go to the “PLUGIN” section, then click “ADD NEW”

4. In the search string, you must register “Hostry PageSpeed Booster”. Read more about how Hostry Pagespeed Booster works.

5. After the result obtained in the search line, you need to “Activate” the plugin

6. After successful activation, you will be able to see your CDN plugin in “SETTINGS”

7. Enter the appropriate changes to manage «Hostry PageSpeed Booster». You need to transfer the created Service URL from the CDN service

8. Paste Service URL into the parameters of your WordPress in the line “CDN URL”.  Mark «CDN Enable» and click «Save Changes»


You need to go to  and click on the “plugins” line which is indicated by the instructions or download here Hostry Pagespeed Booster

2. In the search line you need to register “Hostry PageSpeed ​​Booster

3. Next, click on “DOWNLOAD”