How to integrate Hostry CDN with WordPress via WP CDN Rewrite?

There are many various plugins for WordPress that you may use to leverage CDN successfully into your blog, and one of them is WP CDN Rewrite plugin. After having installed the plugin you need to go to the Settings menu – “CDN Rewrite”, choose Settings, click CDN Rewrite and

After you have installed the plugin, you will see a new item in the Settings menu – “CDN Rewrite”. Hover your mouse over “Settings”, and then click “CDN Rewrite”.

The settings for the plugin will appear on the screen.

Enter the CNAME you have created in the field “CDN Root URL”. You can also enter the URL for the zone like

Select which file types should be served via CDN and enter file extensions in the section “File Extensions”.

Such fields as CDN root URL for CSS and CDN root URL are optional. If you have specified various zones for .CSS and .JS, you can also set the URLs. As far as you can enter file extensions, these options can be used, if you have zones with huge files (for instance, multimedia).

When you’re finished with the settings, Save changes, and files from the specified extensions will be served from CDN.