How to integrate Hostry CDN with vBulletin

Here you’ll be explained how to perform iIntegration with VBulletin 5.x.

  1. Login to your VBulletin admin panel and go to Admin CP.
  2. Navigate to “Styles & Templates” ⇒ “Replacement Variable Manager”.
  3. Select “Add New Replacement Variable” near the style you use.
  4. Create a new replacement variable for each article.

If you have more directories with your images, repeat the process for all of them. You can create custom CDN resource for each of these directories, or use single one with different paths.

You may need to use several variables.

You’ve completed setting up vBulletin to fully use our CDN. Make sure it works right by examining the source code of your website and looking for the CDN URL you use.