How to integrate Hostry CDN with Typo3

Since TYPO3 is a highly flexible content management system, you can reach outstanding performance when combining it with Hostry CDN. The CMS is suitable for both mobile apps and websites. Using TYPO3 CMS bootstrap package to integrate CDN into your TYPO3 management system is pretty easy:

Login into your Typo3 Login admin page.

Go to Admin Tools, choose “Extension manager”. Open the top dropdown menu, choose “Get Extensions”.

In the search field, enter “Content Replacer”, and press Enter. Once the search for the extension is done, click on the Import and Install icon next to the version 2.1.0.
In your sidebar, choose Template and open the settings page of the selected template. Pay attention that the template has to be a root level one.

Add the below described code in the setup field:

config.tx_ja_replacer {
search {
replace {

Don’t forget to replace with your actual CDN URL.

Save the settings. Flush your frontend cache after making changes.