How to integrate Hostry CDN with Magento

The main advantage of Magento is that it can use CDN functions without 3rd party plugins.

How to set up a CDN with Magento native support?

  1. Log into the admin control panel of your website.
  2. Navigate to System ⇒ Configuration.
  3. Under General select Web option.
  4. Proceed to Unsecure settings tab.

Now use these setup instructions:
Set the Base URL of your site so that the domain was in the following format:
Base link URL leave as default: {{unsecurebaseurl}}
Base Skin URL:
Base Media URL:
Base Java Script URL:

Do not forget to replace with your current CDN URL!

Please note that when you use CDN, sometimes JavaScript may not work properly, if CDN is not in your subdomain.

When you officially use a CDN on your website, you can examine whether URLs are rewritten by loading your pages and checking their source code.