How to integrate Hostry CDN with Joomla

This tutorial is relevant for Joomla versions starting from 2.5.6. or higher

First, you need to download “CDN For Joomla!” plugin from download page.

Log into your Joomla admin control panel, go to “Extensions” and choose “Extension Manager.”

Next to the “Upload Package File” box, click “Browse”, select the plugin file you’ve downloaded, and click “Upload & Install.”

When the installation is complete, get back to “Extensions”, click “Plugin Manager”, then find and click on “System – CDN for Joomla!” Click on it to have the plugin set up.

Leave the “Site Root” value alone, enter your CDN URL (e.g. http:// into “CDN Domain”, and then click “Save & Close.”

You’re finished and officially can use the CDN service. Check whether URLs are rewritten to CDN URLs by loading pages and looking at the source codes of the page.

Please note that the free version of CDN for Joomla! is not compatible with HTTPS, and you will need a paid version from