GAME: Minecraft (MCSERVER panel)

A virtual machine with McServer program allows setting up your server in a matter of a few minutes. All details about the commands and programs are here:

To connect to the server, use login credentials from your personal account and select SSH connection. PUTTY is a perfect client program for establishing SSH connection (it can be uploaded here:

  1. Open your personal account
  2. Open Putty and select IP
  3. Type in your root login and password. Please, note that when you type your password, letters and symbols aren’t displayed: it’s standard SSH protection, just continue typing and press ENTER. Otherwise, you can copy and paste the password, make CLICK RIGHT on console display and press ENTER.
  4. Input the following commands after successful authorization:
    # su mcserver
    # cd ~
    # ./mcserver
    To restart the server, use # ./mcserver restart command
  5. Open Minecraft
  6. Press Multiplayer, then DirectConnect (or AddServer) and input your server’s IP (for example, and get connected
  7. If you see the error “Failed to login: Invalid session (Try restarting your game and the launcher)”

    Open the file using command
    # vim serverfiles/
    Press INSERT button and proceed to the line with online-mode where you need to select false variables as shown in the picture

    To quit the panel, press ESC and type :wq
    Restart the server using # ./mcserver restart