What is VPS hosting and how to use it?

This article explains what is virtual private server and how it differs from other hosting solutions. You will learn how VPS hosting works and why we recommend it.

Virtual private server is exactly what it sounds like. This is a virtualized server with the same environment as a dedicated server and yet with featured of shared hosting. Technically, it combines both hosting types. This type of web hosting can be chosen to host your website in the Net. To have a website in the Net, you should upload website files on a web server. Managing and specifying its settings can be difficult and expensive, but if you rent a server, it will be cheaper and easier. You will only need to upload site files to have your website online (no server setup is required).

Three base hosting account types are pretty similar, because they provide a space to host and run your website. But they differ in how they are set up, what functions and features they have, and how much is the level of customization.

How VPS hosting differs from dedicated and shared?

When you order a dedicated server, it belongs to you entirely. This is an ideal choice for people who have high traffic on their website or need to customize the server in a special way. However, not everyone needs a dedicated server. If you’re only going to start with a website, you can simply opt for shared hosting – to share a portion of the server with other users instead of renting it entirely.

VPS is a golden middle between the two, so if you are considering to order a dedicated server, but not sure whether it is suitable for you, VPS hosting will be a good solution.

How does VPS Hosting Work?

The technology lying in the core of VPS hosting is similar to what is used in VMware or Virtual Box. Thanks to these programs, you can run several OS on one machine. For instance, your desktop may work on Windows 7 while other operating systems can also be used without need to restart the computer.

Operating System Virtualization

In case with VPS hosting, environment works in the same way. You have one physical server but can run various OS systems on it. Therefore, every virtualized OS acts as a dedicated server. This way, you have all benefits of a dedicated server at a lower cost. Every VPS hosting environment acts as a container and is referred to as a node.

Main advantages of VPS Hosting

VPS hosting gives you the best featured of the two other hosting solutions: low cost of shared hosting and excellent performance and power of a dedicated server.

  1. Since you don’t have to share your OS with other users, there are no others’ websites on your server that can get access to your data and files.
  2. Since you have your own operating system, you can run your own verions of server applications like Apache, PHP, and MySQL. If you want to customize any of these services, you are always free to change the server to suit your demands.
  3. Full control. If you install applications that require system restart, it can be done any time. Although technically a VPS is shared with others, your VPS server can be restarted always without affecting anybody else.
  4. Dedicated resources. With a VPS server, you have some certain amount of RAM that can be used any time. In comparison with shared hosting, there is no one on your server who can utilize all the resources when you need it so much!

VPS Server Management

All VPS hosting environments with cPanel can be VPS Optimized for free. You can always upload files, manage your domains, boost server security and perform many different tasks to have server running smoothly.

VPS hosting is a perfect option for those who are not ready yet to pay for a dedicated server, but need more freedom and resources than provided by shared hosting.