Top 10 Useful WordPress Plugins

Top 10 Useful WordPress Plugins 1

Website development on the WordPress platform is very popular today. Many sites that we can notice in the Internet space are written on this platform. WordPress is a website content management system. It has open source code that is written in PHP and is contained in the MySQL database server. The scope of this CMS (content management system) is very multifaceted: today you can find sites that are written on WordPress such as blogs, or single-page simple sites and you can also find quite sophisticated news resources and large online stores.
All this is because in this CMS there is a very large number of themes and plugins, which greatly expands the scope of its application. Today, for many modern WordPress themes, there is already a list of WordPress plugin selections, the optimal number of plugins that are recommended for installation. They are very important and greatly simplify the work, while making the site more diverse. After all, it was the WordPress plugins that made this platform very popular in recent years. You can find many free plugins here, choosing for yourself suitable and more useful WordPress plugins from the whole list.
We want to offer you a small list of the top 10 useful WordPress plugins, in our opinion, plugins that are possibly capable of simplifying work on WordPress and for more rich content on your site

Hostry PageSpeed ​​Booster

Top 10 Useful WordPress Plugins 2

Hostry PageSpeed ​​Booster This plugin is designed to improve your web page load time. This is due to the scaling of statics using the CDN(Content Delivery Network). This contributes to a significant increase in performance by reducing the size of CSS / jS statics and HTML content. A very long wait in loading a web page leads to the fact that reviews have a negative and dissatisfaction on the part of users of your web site, because site speed has a very important decision for algorithmically ranking pages in search engines.

It is very useful because using this plugin, you increase the loading speed of your site, which leads to the fact that the client or just a guest of your site is satisfied that everything works without interruption. The slower the page of your website loads, the fewer pages search engines can crawl due to the fact that the crawl budget is not allocated enough; accordingly, bad news for your indexing will come next.
This useful WordPress plugin can be found by clicking on the link


Top 10 Useful WordPress Plugins 3

Business is an integral part of our society and life and its management often takes a lot of time and brings a fairly large number of difficulties. You, as a person who runs a business, will not be able to independently manage absolutely all the things necessary for this business; therefore, you delegate certain things to other people: secretary, assistant, your deputy. But! Thanks to modern technology, you don’t need to worry about it, because this very useful plugin is designed just to make your work easier and speed up many processes! This plugin is fully adapted, customers can place an order on absolutely any device.

Simple usage algorithm

Top 10 Useful WordPress Plugins 4
  • Choose the service that interests you;
  • Choose a time interval;
  • You order from one and one meeting.\

You can familiarize yourself with this WordPress plugin in more detail by clicking on this link

W3 Total Cache

Top 10 Useful WordPress Plugins 5

This useful plugin is provided to improve the SEO and user experience for your personal website. When choosing this plugin, you discover many positive properties, such as:

  • Improvements in ranking for search results pages, especially for sites that use SSL
  • This plugin gains a 10-fold increase in site performance when fully configured
  • Also, improved conversion rates and site performance, which naturally positively affects your ranking in the Google search system
  • Up to 80% bandwidth savings due to minification and HTML compression

This useful WordPress plugin can be found by clicking on the link


Top 10 Useful WordPress Plugins 6

This plugin is very effective for expanding the content of your website. In fact, one of the best tools for this program is a module for sharing content on social networks. The module displays the number of content sharing in all popular social networks; If you delve into a detailed study of this useful plugin, then with JetPack you will be able to sort your posts by the number of shares. In addition, he has several advantages:

  • It provides protection against gross attacks, spam filtering and downtime monitoring;
  • Security login with two-factor authentication;
  • Automatic backup of your site, once a day or in real time.

You can learn more about this WordPress plugin here.

Logaster Logo Generator

Top 10 Useful WordPress Plugins 7

This useful plugin is designed to be able to create logos and other corporate identity elements for your website. How does he work? You need to enter your site and this plugin will automatically generate dozens of possible different logos for you and you accordingly choose the one so suitable! And due to the fact that WordPress has full integration, logos can be easily added to the main page or to an article using shortcode for WordPress.

This tool has helped more than 8 million customers create their own brand. Using Logaster artificial intelligence technology, you can get a complete brand design with your own logo, including business cards, letterhead, envelopes, social networks, etc. Branding has never been so easy!

The features of this plugin include the following:

  • The process of creating your logo;
  • Very large quality and beautiful icons;
  • Popular raster and vector formats, such as: PGN, JPEG, SVG, PDF

You can learn more about this plugin here.

Wordfence Security

Top 10 Useful WordPress Plugins 8

This plugin provides an additional level of protection for your resource from intruders, and also blocks the IP addresses of bots that are trying to access your site. The free version of this plugin is that you can configure to receive notifications in case of suspicious activity on your site. The paid version allows you to provide professional technical support.

It has a lot of useful properties, we will list some of them:

  • The scanner does a check of all the main files, as well as themes and all existing additional plug-ins;
  • It compares all the main files with what is located in the WordPress repository, thereby checking their authenticity, integrity and also informs you of all current and possible changes

You can learn more about this plugin here.


Top 10 Useful WordPress Plugins 9

This service is provided for real-time backup and scaling. This plugin was developed by Automattic; she specializes in managing millions of WordPress sites. This plugin works on Jetpack and creates backup copies of absolutely all records, files, multimedia, comments, changes in settings. With this plugin, you guarantee yourself protection from intruders, malicious programs and host crashes.

Paying only $ 39 for the whole year, you provide yourself

  • Automated daily copies, with unlimited storage space for copy data;
  • Protection against a brutal attack on your site;
  • This useful plugin also provides spam protection for comments;
  • Very simple migration of your site and simple automatic recovery

You can learn more about this plugin by clicking on the link here.

All in One SEO Pack

Top 10 Useful WordPress Plugins 10

When creating a site, many things are taken into account, but one of the most important is the promotion of a site or resource in search engines. This tool will help you increase the ranking of your site in search resources. With this plugin, you can easily create already optimized headings for SEO pages that appear at the top of the browser. This plugin was created in 2007 and today is one of the most downloaded, which in fact describes the importance of SEO website promotion. With this useful planin, you can also purchase:

  • Google Analytics Support;
  • XML sitemap support;
  • Extended canonical URLs This plugin automatically optimizes your headlines for all search engines;
  • All in One SEO Pack is very compatible with other WordPress plugins;
  • Translated into more than 55 languages

You can learn more about this plugin by clicking on the link here.


Top 10 Useful WordPress Plugins 11

There is no spreadsheet function in your WordPress post editor. However, this is possible with a plugin that adds and easily adds and edits all entries in it. With a simple shortcode, you can embed tables in messages, text widgets, or in pages. Tables can contain data of all types, including complex formulas that will be evaluated later. Once you have installed this plugin, you can create tables and manage them on the “TablePress” screen in the WordPress dashboard. This plugin is free software that has been licensed and released under the GP license, version 2 (

A small guide! To display one of your tables in a record, in a text widget or on a page, simply paste the [table id = <the-ID> /] shortcode into the post / page / text widget, where <the-ID> is the identifier of your table (you can find on the left side is the “All Tables” screen.)

You can learn more about this WordPress plugin by clicking on the link here.

Finteza Analytics

Top 10 Useful WordPress Plugins 12

This useful and very effective plugin is free. It has unlimited possibilities for web analytics. Tracking the number of visitors to your site, their location, page views, languages, devices used and events, this plugin includes all these properties! In the plugin In Finteza Analytics you can view data on conversions, referral sources and get an estimate of the quality of traffic with the detection of bots.

Plugin features:

  • Fast check-in at Finteza
  • Integration of the counter code in all pages of the site
  • Link tracking

This very useful plugin will help you draw conclusions on your site, how interesting it is for other users, what is the duration of each session; Having made such conclusions, you will clearly understand, based on the number of interested parties, about your site, and, on the other hand, make conclusions about whether you have a high placement or not and whether it is worth introducing any changes to attract the number of users.
We recommend that you add this plugin by analyzing the quality of the incoming traffic, studying the behavior of the audience and building the conversion funnels. Detailed statistics on user geography and traffic sources are updated in real-time reports!

You can learn more about this WordPress plugin by clicking on the link here.