How to restart a VPS service using the command line/Control Panel

If you’re not ready to opt for a dedicated server yet, you can op for the best Virtual Private Server solution in the Net. It provides freedom and power of a dedicated server together with a moderate price of low-cost hosting solution. Besides, you can select a control panel for your VPS to ensure the best performance possible. Therefore, VPS hosting is the most appropriate option for those whose business has outgrown shared hosting, but who are not ready to switch to a dedicated server yet. Learn how to manage processes of a virtual server and restart it, if such need occurs.

There are two basic approaches to VPS restart. The first is managing the control panel tool you have chosen for your VPS. Another presupposes using some certain shell commands when you are logged in the server via SSH with the root password.

Those who use a cPanel control panel on their VPS can restart all services pretty easily. They will need to log in the WHM with the root password to get full access rights. As soon as you get inside WHM, choose Restart Services in the option menu.

As soon as you open this menu, you will see the option to restart every service on the server – just click at the icon in the menu. The process will start, and you will have to wait until the page totally reloads and the message about successful restart will appear. This way you can restart DNS Server, Mail Server, SQL server, SSH Server, IMAP server, and other types of servers.

If the major server (DNS or Apache) has failed, you won’t be able to log in the WHM and the only possible solution will be restart of the failed service with the help of shell access. You will need to log in with VPS’s hostname or the main IP with root username and password. As soon as you get access you will need to find where the services are located. Do the following command:

cd /etc/init.d/

When you have typed in the command, you will get to the init.d folder with all services.

Type in the command ls -la in the init.d folder, and the entire list of the services will be displayed. To restart some particular service, you should type: servicename restart (“the servicename” is the service you need to restart). For instance, if you’re going to restart the HTTP (Apache) service of the VPS, type in “httpd restart”. Services can be deactivated and started with corresponding programs: httpd stop or httpd start.

This approach is pretty useful, because if the service completely stops (not just appears to be overloaded), the command to start may simply not work. In such occasion, a simple httpd start will make it work. Only this way you can truly restart the cPanel and reload the whole Control Panel.

If you use DirectAdmin Control Panel, you will need to log in with admin username and password and restart the services in the Service Monitor menu located in the Admin Tools section of the Control Panel. When you open the Service Monitor menu, you will see options Start, Stop, Restart, Reload Virtual Server services. This way, you can restart the entire VPS control panel and other servers (Apache, MySQL, mail server, etc.).

A service restart via the command line

You can perform service restart via the command line by two ways. In both cases you should be logged in with the root, because a usual user does not have privileges to perform such commands.

VPS hosting is recommended in many cases thanks to these features. It low cost together with the possibility to manage the server allows you to provide more quality services for your clients.