What Is a First Level Domain: Features, Varieties, Application

What Is a First Level Domain: Features, Varieties, Application 1

Domain registration is gaining great popularity in the Internet network. Today, more and more people are interested in creating their own personal blog, business, author’s page, online store etc. Internet space is a kind of “OPEN DOOR” to attract customers to your business. By selecting a suitable domain, as well as a Domain zone (to which this article is dedicated), you practically enable the client to find everything needs: whether it is an online store, a news site, or sections on interests (hobbies, sports, art, style and etc.)

The registration center for all domains, domain zones is called ICANN https://www.icann.org/

By maintaining the security and stability of domains, the ICANN registration center began operations in 1998 and continues to carry out these activities today. ICANN also manages the accreditation system for domain name registrars.

Domain is the address or name of your site. It consists of a specific set of characters (letters, numbers). It is necessary in order to distinguish between sites and find them on the Internet. The site name is assigned instead of a difficult-to-remember IP address. Each domain is unique; you cannot register two identical domains on the network. For example, hostry.com is the name of the site, or the domain name that has the right to one-time registration. For example, take the site «HOSTRY.COM»

COM is the top level of the domain, or “first level domain”

HOSTRY is a second level domain

What Is a First Level Domain: Features, Varieties, Application 2


Level one domains (TLD) are the first part of your domain name, to the right of the dot is .COM.INFO. ORG. Top-level domains are an indication of which section they belong to. They can be divided into many levels, and we will look at some of them


What Is a First Level Domain: Features, Varieties, Application 3

REGIONAL – these are countries, unions, islands, and so on. They are oriented for people living in certain localities, for example: this type of zone must be seleced when the site is targeted at residents of one country / region.

If the site is targeted at people in the United States, then we recommend the domain: US. If the United Kingdom then: UK. If the European Union, then: EU and so on.

A complete list of top-level domains by country name, you can here:



What Is a First Level Domain: Features, Varieties, Application 4

Domain names in international zones are very popular. For example, today, only in the .COM domain zone more than 150 million domains have been registered. This domain is very popular in almost all countries of the world.

Regardless of your content on the site, absolutely for any site you can choose an international zone, it is not limited geographically. We recommend that you purchase an international zone on the very site where users and the audience will be from many countries.
The international zones include such domain names as: .COM .NET .ME .INFO .MY .NAME .ORG

Top Level Domains By Category

We have selected for you popular top-level domains and categorized them, depending on what kind of activity you are engaged in and what type of content will be on the site.

The selection of the top-level domain is very important, as it will be able to attract customers to your site and competently develop your business.


If you are the owner of any company that concludes commercial proposals, conducts business and develops, we recommend the following domain zones to you:

.capital .solutions .guru .xyz .work .business .holdings


Art is what makes our world more beautiful and better! Many of us want to leave some trace behind us, and art is the best opportunity to show our talents and show ourselves. Order a domain, sign up with the following list of top-level domains and discover more opportunities for development!We offer you the following top-level domains:

.art .pictures .gifts .photo .flowers .graphics  .ink  .theater


We all know how to work, but we also want to relax, spend time with friends or traveling with family, having fun or just relaxing. By acquiring top-level domains in this zone, you immediately make it clear to people that your site is the place where you can relax and enjoy. This is great for travel, concerts, trips, vacations

.travel .fun .rest .cafe .band .party  .reisen .family


Sport is what makes us move and be positive. Sport is a very important part of a person’s life and if your site is right for this category, we are happy to inform you that there will also be suitable first-level domains for it. We recommend using the following:

.football  .game  .soccer  .golf  .hockey  .fitness


Today, online shopping is becoming very popular. There are more and more sites where you can buy something for yourself or put up for sale a product.

Managing your online business is becoming more practical, simpler and, more importantly, more profitable if your first-level domain falls into this category! We are pleased to offer you several options:

.store .sale .biz .online .shoes .market .shop .forsale


If you have planned to open your personal blog / personal page, then there is a small site where you will have some author information about you, about your activity, we are happy to recommend you first-level domains. Here are some of them:

.blog .website .sit


Education plays a big role in a person’s life and shapes it in the right direction.If you run some kind of educational program or have educational information on your site, we are ready to recommend the following first-level domains to you:

.education  .study  .report  .academy .science .school


Real estate today is the industry that is developing the most. The desire to buy their own apartment, house, dwelling, office, there is a growing number of more people. Therefore, sites that store such content are very popular and readable. We offer you the following domain zones:

.apartments .rent .property .build .land


In order for your domain to function, you need to order a domain name, choose a suitable name for the site and also, which is very important, it is the selection of the first level domain. With it your site will look much more attractive and the client can quickly find exactly what he needs!

To protect your site from fraudsters and threats, we recommend you a free SSL certificate of Let’s Encrypt. You can order it right now by clicking on the link: