Categories: CDN Open the official module web page and upload the CloudCache module. Do not choose the vQmod version – the module … The main advantage of Magento is that it can use CDN functions without 3rd party plugins. How to set up a CDN with Magento native supp… This tutorial is relevant for Joomla versions starting from 2.5.6. or higher First, you need to download “CDN For Joomla!” plugin from … Log in to the admin control panel. Navigate to “System Settings” ⇨ “General Configuration.” Scroll down to “Images, CSS and JS URL…. Please note that the CDN plugin for Drupal with change URLs, so your static content will be loaded from CDN servers instead of your ori… In order to set the path variables and connect them to the CDN location you need to edit just one file: Open blogs/conf/_advanced…. To leverage AdultVideoScript into CDN, you should install the plugin Multi-Server System and add one or several storage serve… Perform the following steps to setup your KVS: Backup your present KVS setup (to avoid loss of information and settings)….